Our Mission

To initiate and support proposals and projects to enhance the educational and cultural aspirations and social well being of Aboriginal young people in order to address social inequity.

Our Vision

A society that provides equitable and accessible opportunities for all young Aboriginal people.

Our Values


We believe that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should have equal access to opportunities available to all Australians, without barriers.


We believe in conducting our organisation with integrity, dignity and impartiality.


We believe in the right of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander youth to develop the capacity and personal strength to fully realise their goals.


We believe in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people working together with all Australian citizens in a spirit of mutual respect, understanding, appreciation and obligation in order to achieve our goals.


We believe in, and treasure, the connection to the principles that define us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

ACAS believes in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Aboriginal Children's Advancement Socity - Mission and Vision